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Camel meat or Juzur meat, this kind of meat is taken into account the foremost healthy among the categories of meat as a result of the little number of fats in it, and it's one amongst the favored forms of food that's spread in many countries like the center East and Africa because it's an upscale source of protein.

Juzur meat or camel meat is analogous to beef from As for the form, except it's the richest since it contains high iron and therefore the highest vitamin (C) ratio among other sorts of meat.

Nutritional Value of Camel Meat

A source of protein and vitamin E antioxidant. It contains a little amount of fat, so eating its meat doesn't cause high cholesterol. an upscale source of iron, and contains vitamin D, many salts and minerals. Camel meat contains about five times quite cow's milk. It contains the essential amino acids necessary for the body. Rich in collagen that provides it a particular sugary taste. Camel meat is dark brownish-red.

Health Benefits of Camel Meat

It is recommended for patients with sciatica that experience from joint and back pain. and it is taken into account one among the simplest sorts of meat thanks to the low amount of fats it contains. It is also suitable for people that desire or need to lose weight. It helps the elderly to stop muscle sag and maintain their health. It helps prevent cancer since it contains unsaturated fatty acids. Camel meat is totally recommended to people with heart deceases problem as it prevents arteriosclerosis.

It plays an essential role in fighting infections, also treats fatigue and nervous prostration as it contains energy within the sort of sugars rather than fats, and also contains a rapidly metabolized energy within the body, which is glycogen, which converts quickly to glucose, which is that the stimulating energy of the brain.

Uses of Camel Meat within the Past

It was used in history to get rid of freckles by heating meat and putting it on freckles. The ancients used camel soup to treat cataracts and to strengthen vision. Camel fat was utilized in the past to treat hemorrhoids, as they put camel fat on hemorrhoids in order that it relieves pain. Likewise, the ancients used camel fat to treat the lone worm. The ancients were advised to consume the camel lung after drying it to treat asthma, and therefore the improvement is relatively quicker if taken by the patient along with honey on it. The Carrot or Camel's lung is rich in vitamin C, which works to reinforce immunity and fight infections.

The camel meat in ancient history in the middle east

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